PS5 faceplate company cancels all orders after a complaint from Sony

sony PlayStation 5

A company that was selling custom PS5 faceplate was forced to cancel their pre-orders and remove their products after legal action from Sony.
According to VGC, which was initially known as has cancelled all the orders and pulled out from the sale of the PlayStation 5 faceplates.

Advertising was asked to rebrand after a complaint. This happed after Sony accuses that the name of the company was infringing its trademark.
Well, the lawyers on Sony that if the firm continues to sell the faceplates of PlayStation 5 then they will have to end up in court.


The franchise was selling unofficial faceplates for the PS5 following the video in which Sony showed that the official white plates are removable. It was working with the manufacturers of the UK and China. They were aiming to ship the first products to the customer within two weeks of the launch of the next-gen console.

PS5 faceplate
PS5 custom faceplate

CustomizeMyPlates said VGC that they did their due diligence and were moving ahead because Sony only had pending patent on the faceplates. Therefore, it was legally allowed to create its alternatives.
But, just after a day the company was asked to change their name by the lawyers of Sony. And also they were told that if they continued to sell and distribute them in any country then Sony might take some legal action against CustomizeMyPlates(then PlateStation). Therefore, the company is now refunding and cancelling all the orders.

However, after a long time also the products seem to be listed on the website. Well, they have been removed now.

Sony, recently announced that the accessibility features will allow the user to turn off the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense.


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