Rare reveals Battletoads achievements list!

Rare reveals Battletoads achievements: The is the first new Battletoads since 1994. Also, this allows up to three people to couch co-op and play as Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. The reboot of Battletoads is arriving for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass on 20 August.


Also, Rare released a partial list of Battletoads achievements. Still, there are five achievements left for the players to find out on their own.



  • Extra Credit: Watch the credits! You know you want to- 5
  • The Dlala Code: Enter the Dlala Code, What could it be…?- 5
  • Dealth a Lucky Hand: Get a flawless victory in Toadshambo- 5
  • Mementoads: Prop up the Jercurian tourism industry.- 5
  • Take This, Axeman!: Find a way to keep a Champion’s weapon stuck.- 5
  • Dodgebrawl Champion: Finish a fight without taking damage.- 5
  • It Begins…: Get your first collectable.- 5
  • Into the Third Dimension: Use your tongue to reach a new plane.- 5
  • Toads in a Hole: Complete Feed the Fantasy.- 10
  • Road Rash: Complete To the Queen.- 10
  • Parks & Recreational Violence: Complete At the Carn-Evil.- 10
  • Enough Toying Around: Complete So That’s How That Works.- 10
  • Scratching an Itch: Get all collectibles in a level.- 10
  • Three Is the Magic Number: In 3P Co-Op, all three ’Toads attack the same enemy.- 10
  • Reviving a Classic: Revive another ’Toad during Co-Op play.-10
  • Not All Toads Are Equal: Earn a participation award in Co-Op.- 10
  • Jeffortless: In 3P Co-Op, all ‘Toads grind a rail at the same time.- 10
  • Hack-Door Shenanigans: Hack a door in Co-Op.-10
  • Toad It Off & On Again: Repair your ship without any reboots.- 10
  • Warped Sense of Humor: Find the ‘Warp Wall’ while riding a turbo bike.- 10
  • Blink and You’ll Miss It: Defeat 25 pink eyeballs during Time for Plan B.- 10
  • Hit the Drop: Freefall more than 10 meters while escaping a Topian.- 10
  • Not Just for the Holidays: Land a streak of 15 hits while destroying a totem.- 15
  • Photobombed: Take an enemy’s photo when it’s in warning distance.- 15
  • Hey, This Is a Rental!: Score 75 near-misses while riding a rented turbo bike.- 15
  • Straight-A Student: Earn 20 ‘A’ Ranks from encounters.- 15
  • Brawling… With Style!: Earn your first ‘S’ Rank from an encounter.- 15
  • A Mountain Sense of Unease: Complete Reaching the Peak.- 15
  • Galaxy’s Most Wanted: Complete Most Unwanted.- 15
  • Hiking With Friends: Complete Bigger Than It Looks.- 15
  • STREET JUSTICE!: Complete Street Justice!- 15
  • Learning the Ropes: Complete We Go High.- 15
  • We Were Provoked: Complete Spacebrawls.- 15
  • A Test of Medal: Complete The Trials of Pummel Horse.- 15
  • Logged Out: Complete A Hard Axe to Follow.- 15
  • Came, Sawed, Conquered: Complete Stumped.- 15
  • With Friends Like These…: Complete A Rock and a Hard Place.- 20
  • You’re Dead, You Ding-Dongs!: Surrender to your arch-enemies.- 20
  • Season Two When?: Complete the story on any difficulty.- 20
  • Battlemaniacs: Defeat 100 enemies.- 20
  • Special Effects: Use 200 ’Toad abilities.- 20
  • Mighty Morphing: Finish off 200 enemies with morph attacks.- 20
  • Thoroughly Tested: Destroy 50 enemies in space combat.- 20
  • Live and Let Drive: In 3P Co-Op, stay alive on bikes together – for 300 seconds!
  • Can’t Touch This: In Co-Op, complete Time for Plan B without taking a hit.- 20
  • To Me, To You: In Co-Op, build up a 100-Hit combo.- 20
  • Be Tight: Deal with your friends without any restarts.- 20
  • The Purge: Escape from a Topian in less than 4 minutes.- 20
  • Toad Cuddle!: Finish the game on ‘Battletoads’ difficulty.- 30
  • I’ve Started So I’ll Finish: Get a total of 75 collectables.- 30
  • Jeff of a Sleighsman: Complete Mis-treatied.- 30
  • Should Get the Pants First: Complete Time for Plan B.- 30
  • Rebooting Battletoads: Complete Emergency Stations.- 40
  • Did You Use a Walkthrough?: Get every collectible in the game!- 60

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