Recently, Turok PS4 Trophy list got leaked, here’s everything you need to know

If you have been a gamer for very long, then you may have played the title called Turok. It was a classic of the N64 franchise. Now, we are getting the news that the game may finally make its way to PS4 if we want to believe the latest trophy leak of the game.


The game came out in the year 1997 and is based upon the comic book which goes by the same name. The comic book was based on the concept of hunting dinosaurs and the game is also based on the same concept. You are on a Lost Island and you have to hunt down these creatures in order to stop them from reaching planet Earth.


Turok: A little history of the game

The game was first developed by Acclaim studios and the licence was also held by them before it filed for bankruptcy in the year 2003. Later, the licence was transferred to the Propaganda studios and they made a reboot of the game. This reboot did not receive much praise.

It is revealed that they wanted to make a sequel to the original title. But this could not be done. Why? Because of massive layoffs in the studio. Hence, we have not heard about the game since then.

Then a reboot of the game was finally made in the year 2018. This was released for the Xbox One and received some popularity.

What about the trophy leak?

The PlayStation trophy and Xbox achievement constantly update their servers. Companies such as Exophase keep an eye out for these updates. Hence, the company found that a trophy related to the game has come out for the PS4. This also happened with the Untitled Goose Game for PS4 and Xbox One.

Turok: This is done to prepare for the surprise launch of the game. This usually means that such a game will be launching for the PS4. But, no such confirmation has been relayed by the publisher as of now.

But, it would not come as a surprise as Turok 2 came out for Nintendo Switch last year. Hence, we would like to see whether this story materializes.

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