Sega plans multiple new games to celebrate the legendary Sonic’s 30th anniversary!


Several Sonic games are currently on their way to release for the speedy hedgehog’s 30th anniversary which will happen next year.


Recently, Tailschannel discovered a Sonic advertisement for investors in Europe. The ad dubbed the Licensing Source Book Europe’s Summer 2020. In this, they display a brief shot of the blue hedgehog and a collage of text on the right side.


The majority of the text consists of statistical achievements that have been achieved by the franchise over its lifetime.

The most interesting is part is at the bottom. The paragraph headlined with “30th Anniversary, 2021”, stated that the franchise will have an “A year of celebration” for Sonic. This celebration will consist of new games, digital content, major announcements and a tailored licensing program.

However, no further information has been found or announced regarding this celebration. Well, it is quite easy to guess that the titles will either be Sonic in any form or the company will re-release any blue hedgehog classics.

We all are aware of Sega’s mascot for decades, which is one of the most recognizable characters in the world of video games. His popularity boosted recently when a motion picture was released earlier this year.

Last week, Mario announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars which was exclusively for Nintendo only as a celebration of their 35th anniversary. Well, it will be interesting to see how Sega will celebrate as compared to Sega. However, we can expect Sega to once again win this fight against Mario.

In recent times, the fanbase of Sega has increased surprisingly. Well, this means that they have something really great for us. But, we will have to wait for 2021 with our fingers crossed. However, the fans are very much excited to see what Sega has for us.


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