Serious Sam 4 is postponed to September! All Latest Updates!

It has been announced by Developer Digital, the publisher, and Croteam the developer that Serious Sam 4 has been delayed for a month.


The new release date has been announced on Twitter, along with a new Trailer. The trailer shows a headless character that seems to be running past the original release window of August and smashes into the new date. The latest release date is September 24.


However, the team didn’t say anything about the reason behind postponing the release of Serious Sam 4. Well, they do crack a joke on the delay, saying that this release date is “for real this time.”

Check out the Twitter post here:

Serious Sam 3: BFE was launched back in the year 2013. This was then ported to the Virtual Reality systems in the year 2017. After that, Serious Sam 4 was being waited for a long time. It is said that the upcoming title will be featuring brand new weapons, music, enemies, and the new Legion System.

Here is the Release Trailer :

Well, until the release, you can watch or re-watch the gameplay trailer of Serious Sam.

And here is the Gameplay Trailer :

The Legion System has especially been developed for the Serious Sam 4. Also, this will let thousands of enemies to be displayed on the screen in a single moment. This information was shared with Dean Sekulić, a graphics engineer.

Well, you can have 100,000 enemies on your screen, along with a 128 km map and a lot of mayhem.

The Serious Sam 4 will be playable on PC, Google Stadia, and Steam in September. The game will also arrive for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after a while because of limited exclusively to the Google Stadia. Serious Sam will be arriving on the other consoles somewhere in 2021.

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