Sony has revealed ‘Godfall’ requires players to be online even for single-player mode


Sony has revealed that the Godfall is going to be one of the exclusive launch titles of the PS5 console. However, this will need the players to stay connected to the internet for the entire time. 


Last weekend, the page of Godfall on the official website of PlayStation was updated with “online play [was] required”. However, the players soon reached out to the developers enquiring about this matter.


 Well, Counterplay Games confirmed that Godfall is not considered as the service game. The title will need an internet connection to play. However, the company didn’t say anything on a need for a constant connection to the internet connection. 

Take a look at this tweet:

Well, the fans are not happy with the outbreak of this news. Some are asking for the requirement of being online for a single-player campaign. One of the twitter users pointed out a fact that the game is likely to be “unplayable when the servers are shut down in X number of years”.

Godfall will be launching on November 12 for the PS5. The retail price of the game will be $69.99. The game will also arrive on the PC via the Epic Games Store for $59.99.

Counterplay Games dropped a new trailer last month for Godfall. In the trailer, we saw three different fighting styles that are available in the game. Each of them is represented by a distinct valor plate weapon combination. The clip further highlighted the PvP online co-op mode where the players are allowed to fight against the enemies with up to three friends.

Godfall will be playable on the PS5 and the PC. The game will be available on the PC via Epic Games Store.


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