The best gaming headsets for 2020!

Best gaming headset for 2020: Gaming is an extremely immersive experience for an individual and sometimes it can also be an escape from reality. For this experience to be more exciting and to get the feeling of actually being present in the game itself, a good pair of a gaming headset is a must. But sometimes finding a good pair of a headset can be of a great hassle and trust me, you don’t want to go wrong when buying a gaming headset because it really makes a difference between losing or winning your ultimate game. So to help you avoid this hassle, we have jotted down a list of best gaming headsets of 2020 that you can buy, across different price points.


1. Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless

If you’re serious about your gaming experience and you’re ready to invest your all into it, then Steelseries Arctis Pro might the one for you!


With a price of $349.99, this headset is on the high-end of the price spectrum. It has a classy matte design with a steel frame of gunmetal finish. It has a replaceable headband and padded magnetic earcup covers which make it very comfortable to wear and you can keep them on for hours without any discomfort.

best gaming headset

Its dual battery system gives a rocking 10hrs of playback time from each battery. It takes almost less than an hour to fully recharge. The signals are received by the headphones through a USB transmitter device which itself is another impressive thing about these headsets to long about, with it containing an OLED display as well. It has 40mm drivers with a headphone frequency response ranging from 10 Hz-40,000 Hz. It features an amazing dual wireless system with a lossless 2.4G wireless audio for gaming combined with Bluetooth connectivity and you can use them both simultaneously.

This headset is by far the best gaming headset at this price point providing amazing comfort and unworldly sound quality and experience.

2. Astro A50

The Astro A50 is a popular gaming headset and has long stood as the favorite wireless gaming headset for many. The 2016 version of Astro A50 was an Editors’ Choice in its category and the latest updated 2019 version makes it an ultimate beast.

It delivers an impressive surround sound experience as it features Dolby Audio 7.1. The headphone has a USB base station that connects to the PC and houses the wireless transmitter to communicate with the headset. It has a magnetic docking design so when not in use just dock the headset onto the station and it will have plenty of charges when you play the next time.

It has an incredibly comfortable design with replaceable head-piece and earcups. The microphone provided is very bendy and durable and when moved straight up forward it mutes itself. The frequency response of this headset is 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. The 40 mm audio drivers do an amazing job and you can hear every subtle sound in the game and the Dolby surround sound is like a cherry on the top.

Overall it is a great wireless gaming headset with a price of around $300, and if you buy it, I guarantee you are gonna love it.

3. Razer Thresher Ultimate

The Razer Thresher Ultimate is truly an ultimate wireless gaming headset with Dolby Digital and Dolby headphone technology from the renowned brand Razor. It is a great gaming headset and due to its cushioned foam, adjustable headband, and metal frame, it’s comfortable to wear for long periods. It’s Dolby Audio 7.1 technology gives an amazing surround sound experience. It comes with a headphone stand as well as a base station to transport the signals wirelessly to the headsets. The headphone uses a 2.4GHz RF transmitter in the base station due to which the latency is very low as compared to other wireless headphones in this price range. It provides almost 14-15hrs of playback time which is above most wireless headphones.

Razer Thresher Ultimate has 50 mm, audio drivers, with soft and deep earcups. The frequency response of this headset is 12 Hz – 28,000 Hz. The sound quality provided by the microphones is crisp and clear as well.

With a price of around $250, Thresher will cover all your needs for you to have the ultimate gaming experience.

4. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is the more improved version of the standard HyperX Cloud Revolver, in terms of design, noise-canceling capabilities, and overall it provides a more versatile sound stage for gaming, music, and video entertainment purposes. It features a durable solid-steel frame, and “HyperX signature memory foam” which makes it extremely comfortable. The headphone is an over-ear closed-back headphone and it has a fixed wire. It has 50 mm, audio drivers, with a frequency response of 12 Hz–28,000 Hz. The microphone on this headset is a “TeamSpeak™ and Discord certified noise-canceling mic”, as mentioned on their website. Another plus point about the mic is that it is detachable which might be convenient for many users. This headset also has the Dolby Audio 7.1 technology which gives an amazing surround sound experience. It has a built-in USB audio control box with a DSP sound card.

With a price of around $199, and weighing almost 365g, this headset won’t disappoint you with it’s true “HyperX” features.

5. HyperX Cloud Stinger

If you’re looking for a gaming headset for the best gaming experience. But you’re also on a strict budget then we have the exact thing that you’re looking for. The second HyperX headset and the most budget-friendly gaming headset on this list is the HyperX Cloud Stinger. The Cloud Stinger has a very simple all-plastic and all-black design, but also feels very premium and not cheap at all. The synthetic leather over-ear earpads and headband are all very soft and comfortable. Beneath the leather earpads, it features a memory foam cushion which adds to its comfort. It has huge 50mm audio drivers which provide amazing sound quality beyond expectations at this price point. The frequency response of this headset is 18 Hz-23,000 Hz. The mic on the headset has decent noise-canceling capabilities.

Also, if you move the microphone straight upward it mutes itself, which again is an impressive feature seeing the price. Overall the feature-rich Cloud Stinger doesn’t even give the slightest bit of hint that it is a budget-friendly gaming headset and feels premium. If you’re on a strict budget then this gaming headset should be at the top of your list.

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