The sequel of Among Us gets canceled: Here’s what it will have instead

Among Us sequel game

Among Us sequel: The developer of Among Us 2, Innersloth has decided to cancel the title. Instead, they will be focusing on bringing new content in the game. The developers took this decision as a response to recent hype of the party survival game.


Among Us is an online multiplayer self deduction game. This game was developed by Innersloth. The players are randomly given their roles. There are two role- a crewmate and an imposter. It is a space-themed game. Well, most of the players are the crewmate and the lower number of people are the Imposters.


However, the developers didn’t mention anything about when will they come up with new content. the developers further said that they are currently working on the server of the game. They will also try to bring colourblind support, an accounting system and a new stage. Also, they have planned many more things.

Well, bringing new content for the current game will probably be harder. As this process will consist of going deep into the core code of the game and reworking on them.

Among Us
Among Us sequel

Among Us was released back in 2018. However, the game experienced a huge increase in players in the year 2020. This happened mainly because of the popularity of the game on Twitch. Among Us was able to earn 18.4 million mobile downloads in the month of August. This was followed by 41.9 million mobile downloads in September.

Among Us costs $5 in Steam and is free for the mobile devices. However, the recent rise in the game is quite peculiar.

When the developers were asked about the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of the game, they said that it might be complicated to port the game in the consoles. the communication system in the game is one of the huge reasons in the game.

Among Us is playable on the PC and mobile devices. 


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