Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad gets a brand new trailer, know the key takeaways!

Ubisoft has finally revealed the trailer of a new free to play action RPG. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will consist of the favourite Clancy characters into a single release.


The official Twitter account of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad posted about the release of the trailer. You secure your exclusive reward and unite the elite of the world!


Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: According to an Android Police report, the gameplay features a strategic military RPG. The RPG is based around the popular Ubisoft titles such as Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. The report says that the gamers will be getting a chance a form a team of favorite Clancy characters in order to take on the story driven single player campaign. The players can also face against the other players in an online PvP battle mode.

Official Trailer

According to a video that was released by Ubisoft, some playable characters of Clancy are shown and the short glimpses are highlighted.

Also, the campaign will be having “multiple characters” as the characters from the universe of Tom Clancy.  On the multiplayer side, the players will have to take on other squads that comprised of five or “guild wars”.

The game has been made available on Apple and Android. If you pre-register it before August 27th, 2020 you will be receiving some extra in-game stuffs. You can visit the official website of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

In a report be the Games Radar, Ubisoft was claimed to be showing Elite Squad back at the E3 that took place in 2019. They revealed a game that looked just like the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by EA. However, tactical operatives are seen in the Elite Squad instead of the Star Wars usual.

It then mentioned that the players can visit the official website of the game in order to pre-register and get an in-game reward. The reward is the Montagne’s  Tier 2 Weapon, which is an M1911 handgun.

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