Trailer for switch game Rune Factory 5 reveals release date

Rune Factory 5 trailer

Rune Factory 5: The video games series Rune Factory is a simulation video games in which the players have to protect a fantasy village which has a lot of natural gifts. The game has been originally developed in Japan but will release in some parts of North America and Europe as well. The first game was released fourteen years ago in 2006 on August 24 in Japan.


Developed by Neverland co. Ltd. a Japanese video game developer the game has three publishers. Although the developer of the game has stopped operating since the last seven years, this game has been a success.


You can play the game on a PlayStation or on a Wii. The controls have been updated and made better. To watch the official trailer you can check the YouTube channel.

Rune Factory 5 – RELEASE DATE

Rune Factory 5 was earlier scheduled to be released by the end of this year in 2020. The creators, Xseed Games however said that they will need some more time to perfectly envision the game just like they want.

So the game has been delayed to the next year 2021, and will probably release during spring in Japan. Release in North America and Europe will be a little later.



The second part of the game Rune Factory 2 was promoted widely using manga. Everytime anyone ordered or booked the games they would receive copies of the manga. This made the game very popular in Japan.

The first release of the game titled Rune factory Fantasy harvest moon was released in August in 2006. And the latest game of the series, Rune factory 4 special was released last year in 2019 in the month of July 25.

The action role playing game series has now released a total of eight series of video games. The game ranking of the tides of destiny were low, but the game managed to pick it up by developing new changes.


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