Trailer of Mary Skelter Finale reveals RPG’s characters and jobs

Mary Skelter Trailer

Great news for the Mary Skelter fans- it has revealed the RPG characters and jobs.


The new trailer from the Mary Skelter has introduced the characters and their jobs. Read the article below for more information-



Mary Skelter is a dungeon crawler role-playing video game for the PlayStation vita.

It is developed and published by Compile Heart and Idea Factory.


The Player guides the party of Blood Maidens through the path of living dungeons in order to reach each one’s boss – “Nightmares”.

When in the battle with the dungeons, each Blood Maiden possesses a Blood gauge which helps them to enter Massacre mode. The Massacre mode helps the players to increase their stats and give them bonus skills.

However, if left unchecked, the blood gauge will cause the Blood Maidens to go into the Blood Skelter mode and attack friend and fow alike, uncontrollably.

The plot of the video game-

The story revolves around the protagonists, Jack and Alice. It starts with Jack and Alice, escaping from the jail cell, taking help from the supernatural powerful girls who are termed and called as Blood Maidens.

In the story, it turns out that the entire city has been absorbed by a malignant known as Jail and has been releasing monsters which are called as Marchens.

After realizing that Jack has the power to access the Blood Maidens, he joins their force in order to escape from the jail.

Mary Skelter

Characters and Jobs-

Let’s have a look into the new trailer and what it shows-

Jack- he is a boy who is living as an inate in the jail with Alice.

Mary- She has also been living in the same Liberated District as that of Jack and Alice but has been left unrecognized due to her lack of presence.

Charlotte – She is said to be the mysterious woman due to the fact that she knows all the secrets. Charlotte is aware about Jack and the Blood Maidens which makes her the mysterious woman.

Clara- A girl who is the assistant of weapon’s craftsman in the Liberated district underground.

Zyu- He is a boy who is completely shrouded in mystery. Although, he has a calm and rational personality, Zyu can be ruthless if it comes to achieving his goal.

Red Riding Hood- A girl who is impulsive, who acts before she thinks.

There are other characters also, which you can check out in the trailer.

When is the game to be released?

Mary Skelter Finale is said to be due for PlayStation and Switch on 5 November in Japan.

Stay tuned for more details relating to the same.


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