VALORANT Act 2, New Deathmatch mode and Skins coming!

The Valorant Act 2 is all set to come out on August 4. With this Act, a new battle pass and a new set of skins will be coming too. But the most exciting part of this “Act 2” is the all-new gaming mode: free-for-all deathmatch.


This mode will be featuring 10 players. This mode will be launching on August 5. The players will be starting with heavy armor and the option to buy any available weapon. Well, to note, you will not have to invest any money to buy weapons and abilities. When spawned, the players will be receiving an eight-second invulnerability buff. This will be protecting them while selecting the right weapon. However, you can exchange the weapon whenever you wish to.


The Players will be re-spawned after three seconds at a location that is distant from the combat area and their back facing the wall. A variety of machines are used in the game to prevent corner camping. A UAV will be scanning through the map every three seconds to reveal the locations of all the players on the map. Well, this seems to be an innovative strategy. When a player dies, a health pack and a shield are dropped. These can be picked only when you are running over it.

Valorant: What is the main objective?

Well, the main goal of the players is to kill 30 players. The match will be ending after 6 minutes. However, the players are free to quit the match anytime they wish. Well, the players who will be quitting the match in-between will not be getting XP.

Act 2 will be coming with a new skin pack named as Glitchpop. This skin pack has been named after the glitch effect of the elements. The skin-pack will be available for the Judge shotgun, the Frenzy pistol, the Odin LMG, the Bulldog rifle, and a melee weapon. The bundle will also consist of a glitchpop card, spray, and gun buddy. This price of the complete bundle will be 8,700 VP which is the in-game currency and will cost you $90 roughly.

Valorant is playable on the PC (Microsoft Windows).

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