Valorant Patch notes 1.07, all Details Here!

Yesterday, Valorant received the Patch 1.07. This patch brings a major shift for the Agents of the game. This consists of many popular picks such as Saga and Breach. This endless quest of Riot will buff Viper to the acceptable levels will continue. Also, the competitive players will now get the chance to re-balance the lopsided matches.


The first major change in the patch is a large nerf to Sage. This will be responsible for reducing the amount that she heals by 40%, which will be making herself heal even slower. Therefore, her barrier will now take three seconds to fortify, in an attempt to punish the reactive use. Also, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm has been also severely affected by a reduction of 33% with damage along with a brief delay before the beginning of the swarm to strike.


Agent Updates

Sage’s Heal
  • Heal has been reduced to 60 over 5 seconds from 100 over 5 seconds.
  • Self-heal has been reduced to 60 over 10 seconds from 100 over 5 seconds.
Sage’s Slow Orb
  • The size has been reduced by 30%
Sage’s Barrier Orb
  • The cost has been reduced to 300 from 400.
  • Wall forms at 400 HP after a delay of 3 seconds. The wall will become fortified to 800 HP.
Killjoy’s Nanoswarm
  • A brief windup will be added before the beginning of the damage.
  • DPS has been reduced to 40 from 60.
  • Visual effects have been updated to notice the grenade. Also, the Stealth audio range has been increased slightly.
Killjoy’s Turret
  • It can no longer be revealed by Recon Bolt of Sova
  • This can most effectively shoot at the last known location of the enemy.
Viper’s Toxic Screen
  • This can now be placed during the buy phase of the rounds, through the spawn barriers.
  • Toxic Screen can now go up faster along with its full length, once it begins to form.
Viper’s Decay
  • Decay on all the smoke abilities can no longer affect the allies.
Viper’s Pit
  • Also, the Viper’s Pit will be displayable on the minimap of her teammates when deployed.
Breach’s Flashpoint
  • Charges have been increased to 3 from 2.
  • The windup time has been reducing to 0.5 seconds from 0.6 seconds.
  • The off-screen now flash the matching behavior of the other flashes in the game
Breach’s Rolling Thunder
  • The detonation delay between the blasts have been reduced to 0.255 from 0.3

Breach’s Concussion

  • The concuss is now able to de-scope the players and prevents re-scoping.
  • The physics on the cape of Sova has been updated. This islet that to wiggle outside his hitbox less frequently.
  • Sava’s 1P hands have been polished in order to bring them up to the fidelity bar of the remaining agents.
Valorant weapon patch note

Weapon Updates

  • A headshot by a shotgun will lower the aim punch than the other weapons.
  • When an enemy will be hit after 10 meters, this will apply a distinct tagging value instead of the standard one.
  • ┬áThe new tagging is going to be 30% slowers.
  • Shorty nerf
  • Jugde nerf
  • Vandal buff

Also, many more parts of the game have been updated like the Hit Impact VFX, Competitive Updates, Quality of Life, and several bug fixes.

Valorant is playable on the PC.


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