Valorant patch’s accidental glitch made Omen invincible which got him removed from the game!


Valorant patch: The latest patch of Valorant has made several changes in the game.  However, this ended up making Omen invulnerable through a little glitch.


Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game. The game was developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant came for early access this year on April 7 and was officially launched on 2nd June.


Valorant received an update of 1.07 on September 1. However, any change regarding Omen was not mentioned in the Patch notes of the update. However, it seems that the developers made a tiny mistake by making Omen a lot more powerful and almost impossible to kill.

The new update made several changes to the other agents- Killjoy, Breach, Sova, and Sage. Along with the changes to agents other changes like weapon updates, the Hit Impact VFX, Competitive Updates, Quality of Life, and several bug fixes were made in the game.


You can read the complete update patch 1.07 here: Valorant Patch notes 1.07, all Details Here!

In this video below, you will be able to observe the glitch. Well, this throws the game out of balance.

Another glitch that happened was that it allowed the character to teleport past the spawn barriers. Therefore, this means that Omen was able to go to places that faster than the other characters. This position made Omen quite impossible to kill. This was a huge problem for Valorant though.

Here’s the tweet:

After the glitch coming to light, Omen was taken out of the game on September 3rd. However, it was said that Omen will be returned to the game by 4th September. This hotfix will be taking away the superpowers that were accidentally given to Omen.

Valorant is playable on the PC.

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