Wasteland 3 Tips: How to Get through Old Survivalist Bunker!


Wasteland 3: It is a role-playing game. The game has been developed by inXile Entertainment and was published by Deep Silver.


In this article, we will help you out in completing the side quests of Wasteland 3. We will guide you to beat the Old Survivalist Bunker mission.


Recently, Wasteland 3 was launched for the current generation consoles which will be offering a lot of multiplayer turn-based missions. Despite a delay in the development of Wasteland 3 because of COVID-19. The developers were able to overcome the problem and come up with a quality experience for the fans.

Wastelands 3 is a huge game. Therefore, in order to start, the players will have to find the entrance to the Old Survivalist Bunker in the Patriarch’s statue at Broadmoor Heights. A group of adversaries will be there, blocking the path of the players who must be defeated.

Once you have defeated the adversaries, you will find a side door into the basement which is filled with enemy frogs. Well, you will have to ignore the frogs and move further to examine the containers in the area.

Wasteland 3

Then use a Ranger in order to repair the generator with Mechanics 6. After doing this the players will be able to communicate with Ironclad Cordite through a vent. When you will give Ironclad Cordite ammo, he will agree to help you with the quest.

When the conversation completes, head down the hallway and enter the door that is on the right in order to enter the room. You will find Ironclad Cordite inside the room. The players can take his help for either joining them, shun them, or kill him. Once the player is done with the decision, go back to the entrance of Old Survivalist Bunker and talk to the contact in order to complete the quest.

Well, the story completely depends on the players about how will they proceed in the game. Also, Ironclad is a great character.

Wasteland 3 is playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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