Watch dogs legion New cinematic trailer revealed, know all updates!

The release date of the Watch Dogs Legion was recently announced on Ubisoft Forward. They also revealed about the features of the game. The pre-order of the game has already started. This was announced in a live event by Ubisoft that took place on 12th July, 2020.


Release Date and Further details: Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft also claimed that this game is going to have a free upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5 and Xbox One to the Xbox Series X. The upgrade is going to be free which does not depend upon the edition you choose to purchase. During the live stream, it was revealed that Watch Dogs will be launched on 29th October, 2020.


Watch Dogs Legion will provide the gamers a view of an open-world hacking premise. This will give them a new perspective. The story does not revolve around a single character. You can choose multiple characters to play the game. At first, the slated release date of the Watch Dogs Legion was March 6. But then Ubisoft decided to push away the release date of the game.

Unlike, the previous sequels of the Watch Dogs, that took the players to San Francisco and Chicago. The Watch Dogs Legion will be giving the players an option to play in a different city, London. In the game the players will be allowed to “recruit” and take control of any NPC in the game. They further specified that the character choice of the player will be affecting the progress of the game and how will it proceed.

A single choice will be affecting the complete end of the story of the game.

About Ubisoft

Apart from Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft also announced about their upcoming game, Far Cry 6. They have also given the players a glimpse of the villain of the game. Polar Cry is the villain this time and the game is based in Yala this time. Yala is a tropical paradise whose time is frozen. According to the PS5 store, the game will be made available for the PS5 console also.

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