What is the Fortnite Astronaut Challenge all about ? All Info here!

Fortnite Astronaut Challenge: The Fortnite developers have hidden a mysterious spaceship from the beginning of Season 3. However, now the water has returned enough to reveal the spaceship completely. Now the players have been given a new secret challenge. In this secret challenge, the players will have to find the ancient ship and install all of its missing parts.


In this article, we will guide you on how to find this spaceship in order to help you out with completing the task and winning the XP.


Fortnite Astronaut Challenge: Location of the Ancient ship

This ancient ship is located just off the coast of the Craggy Cliffs POI. This is located in the northern part of the map. If you look at the water you will see an orb-like contraption there.

When you will swim to get to the ship, your secret quest will be activated. Then all you will have to do is find the missing parts of the ship.

Fortnite Astronaut Challenge: Location of the Missing parts

All the missing parts can be found nearly only. Hers is the list of the missing parts along with their locations:

  • Battery Pack– East to the ship. In order to get it, you will have to break down the large rock.
  • Heat Shield- On the peninsula further east. It is buried underneath some rocks. Therefore, to get it you will have to break the rocks.
  • Thruster– At the top of the cliff nearby. This is a small glowing object. You can break these rocks, which will later help you in getting your way to the other two items.


That’s all! Now, the only thing you will have to do is put all the parts that you found on the spaceship and then launch it. On the east side of the spaceship, you will notice that some parts are sparking and seem to be broken. Then go ahead on installing the parts.

Then you will have to launch the ship. A 50-second countdown timer will start. Then the ship automatically launches and flies off in the sky running into a multi-dimensional portal.

You will see a demonic shark, which will appear out of nowhere.

Well, this secret mission definitely indicates something. But, what is it? Fortnite previously came with some multi-dimensional events in the previous seasons too. Well, till then we will have to wait.

Fortnite is playable on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation, PC and Mobile Devices.

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