When Grounded Is Getting New Story Content

On July 28, 2002, Obsidian Entertainment developed a new game called Grounded and released it on Xbox One in early access. However, the official release of the game is in 2021. When released for early access for box, it was also released for Microsoft Windows.


Grounded Gameplay and Story

This is a survival game designed by Bobby Null. The basic plot of the game is that all the players are made tiny (resembling the size of an ant) and they have to survive in a yard that is filled with dangers and obstacles. The game will be released in single-players as well as multiplayer mode.


The player can play this game as a first-person or from a third-person perspective. They have to keep their health in check by consuming food and water, or they will lose their health due to starvation and/or dehydration. The dangers that they face come in the form of various insects. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult. More dangerous enemies are introduced. They must solve the mystery of how they got shrunk and defend themselves from all predators who come on their way.

The developers of the game found their inspiration from children’s movies like A Bug’s Life, I shrunk the Kids and Honey. 

New Story Content for Grounded

The developers of the game wanted to create a game that is interactive. Extensive developments on the artificial intelligence of the game were made so that the insects (obstacles) can gauge the behavior of the players. For example, the ants in the game do not attack the players at first. But when the players begin to set up their base, the ants see them as a threat and attack them.

Since the game was released, the creators Obsidian Entertainment planned to update the game on a monthly basis. Till they do not release new updates, the players will be only able to play with simple gameplay and storylines. A new patch update is set to release at the end of August 2020. No one knows what the next update will bring as of now. Some fans will have to wait for more for new content until the game officially releases.


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