Xbox series S price and design officially confirmed as a $299 Next-Gen console!

Xbox Series S

So, finally, Microsoft officially revealed the Xbox Series S. This console was rumored for a long time being a budget-priced next-gen gaming console. Well, this will be arriving this year. The price of Xbox Series S in the US will be $299 and will be packed inside the “smallest Xbox ever” as called by Microsoft. Xbox Series X will launch on November 10.


According to the official design, the Series S looks just like the leaked design, which came into notice on September 7. The Xbox Series S is a small, white rectangle with a minimalist design. This console has no disc drive. The front features are- a power button, USB port, and a sync button in the controller.


Here is the official tweet:

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10, as reported by Windows Central. The Xbox Series X will cost $499. Well, the price and release date of the Series X have not been confirmed, but the information related to the Series S are official and have been confirmed.

Microsoft had to announce the Series S as a response to the leaks that were taking place in these few months. They were probably waiting to announce about the Series S after revealing the pricing of PS5 and Series X, in order to surprise us further with a price of $299. Well, till now only limited details have been revealed regarding the Series S. The technical details are still a mystery.

However, a trailer of Xbox Series S was also leaked a few days back. This trailer revealed some more features of the Xbox Serie S. According to the trailer, it comes with a custom 512 GB SSD which will allow faster load times and instant game switching. This console will also support 1440p gaming at 120FPS.

Here is the list of features of Xbox Series S:

  • All-digital
  • Custom 512 GB SSD
  • DirectX ray tracing
  • Variable-rate shading
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Ultra-low latency
  • 1440p at up to 120 FPS
  • 4K streaming media playback
  • 4K upscaling for games


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