Xbox Series X’s Price May Have Leaked, And It Isn’t Bang For The Buck!

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: Both are all ready for the upcoming console war.


A report by Bloomberg was released on Thursday which said that the PlayStation 5 might be the most expensive console in 25 years of gaming products by Sony.


The manufacturing cost of the PS5 is supposed to be $450 per unit. Therefore, we can expect a price of $500 or maybe higher. This definitely provides Xbox Series X to win the race by cutting out its price.

However, the company has not announced the price officially of their console. But both, Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that these consoles are going to have a powerful and expensive technology. Both the next-gen consoles will have solid-state drives and also support ray-tracing.


Well, we expect that Microsoft is in a better position to give these features at a comparatively lower price.

As we see that, Xbox is currently lagging behind PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it needs to have a powerful comeback. The release of Xbox Series X might be a chance for Microsoft to turn the power towards them in the next generation.

 How is it possible for Microsoft to undercut PS5?

As we have seen that Microsoft is the most profitable company in the world. They valued more than $1 trillion as of the stats of January. And most of the hard cash is earned from the other departments that have nothing to do with Xbox.

History can Repeat

PS3 was released back in 2006 and was priced at $599 which was $100 more than Microsoft. Therefore, PS3 reported slower sales because of the wrong steps taken by the company in terms of price.

Therefore, either Sony will keep the price of PS5 lower than Series X and take a massive loss or price it higher than the Xbox Series X resulting in slower sales.

In both ways, PS5 is going to have a risky future.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are set to be released in the 2020 Holidays.

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