BoJ on Monday appointed its first female Executive director in 138 years


Japan’s financial institution saw a number of sweeping changes during a personnel reshuffle on Monday, with the appointment of its first female executive within the male dominated institution. ‘Tokiko Shimizu’,who may be a 55-year-old career central banker became the primary woman to fill one among the Bank of Japan’s six executive posts in govt appointments that announced on Monday.
Her appointment for the BOJ’s top bureaucrat post is likely part of the central bank’s effort to diversify its management. Just one woman serve in the BOJ’s 9 member board which makes key policy decisions. Takako Masai is one of the former commercial banker.
Only 13% of the senior BOJ managerial posts are filled by women.

first female
According to BOJ data while 47% of all BOJ staff are women, the ratio drops into 20% for career and expert positions. first female The career of Shimizu, currently the BOJ’s branch manager within the central Japan city of Nagoya, included stints at the bank’s financial market, banking and world affairs divisions.
The BOJ selected Monday that to increase responsibilities of its executive Shinichi Uchida who has overseen the world affairs , to incorporate monetary policy.

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