Power demand has improved 9.76% in third week of June as per power ministry data

The third week of June has come up hot summer waves during which has further narrowed the power demand by 9.76 per cent from 10.5 percent in the last week, indicating commercial and industrial activities are yet to reach required levels.


The change in power demand during the first week of June was noted at 19.7 per cent. However, the decline remains higher than 8.8 per cent that was noted in May.


However, in the third week of June, the power demand has further improved due to hot summer waves, and it loitered around 162 GW from June 15 onwards, and further, it increased up to 164.64 GW on 19th June, Friday, according to the power ministry data.

The highest power demand on June 11 stood at 163.30 gigawatts (GW), however, on June 12 the demand remained slightly lower and stood at 158.02GW, followed by 157.79 GW on 13th June and 156.88 GW on 14th June.

Meanwhile, the peak power demand during this week stood at 164.64 GW which is 9.76 percent less than the peak demand recorded in June last year (182.45 GW).


The peak power demand ranged between 162.35 GW and 164.64 GW on June 15 and June 19.

It ranged between 138.28 GW on June 4 and 146.53 GW on June 6. Thus, the peak  demand met for the first week stood at 146.53 GW, 19.7 percent less than the 182.45 GW recorded in June in 2019.

The peak power demand in the second week of June month narrowed to 10.5 percent from 19.7 percent in the first week of June.

Similarly, the change in demand further decreased to 9.76 percent in the third week of June.


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