Vodafone Idea signs agreement on data transformation with IBM on

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On Tuesday, Telecom’s major company, Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL) announced that it has chosen IBM services to help it clasp open source at a large scale across the industry by executing the big data platform on the open-source Hadoop framework. The IBM big data platform helps businesses to address the “Full-spectrum” of big data business challenges. IBM services implement the data transformation with the help of open technologies for launching Vodafone Idea’s hybrid cloud strategy.


VIL requires large scale data transformation

Vodafone Idea requires a large-scale data transformation with a major focus on architecture modernization, open-source adoption, and using predictive analytics for data modernization.


After the partnership of VIL with IBM, it is helping the telecom company transform the path, how data is optimized and delivered to partners, employees, and internal systems.

According to the Tech giant, fragmented and siloed data can now be facilitated for seamless data availability.

IBM will provide insights to VIL

After the agreement, IBM said that VIL will also be eligible to combine insights from the Big data platform and better force cloud-native technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve revenues, reduce costs and boost customer experiences.

Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India/South Asia, said in a statement that the modernized and future-ready data platform is helping VIL to get daily actionable insights to create strategic and operational level decisions easily and effectively.

Vodafone Idea

Worked so hard in the difficult times of Covid 19

Further, he said that IBM and VIL had worked together in the difficult and challenging time of Covid 19 lockdown to effortlessly execute a complex and industry-wide development remotely.

Presently, insights obtained from the data are leveraged for management dashboards, campaign management, network analytics, usage traffic analysis, product analysis, amongst others.

Vodafone Idea has said that the deployment will help millions of customers with customized and faster Services.

First-of-its-kind projects

Vishant Vora who is Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Idea Limited, said, “With IBM, we have implemented many of the first-of-its-kind projects and big data and analytics engagement is one of the examples of such initiatives.”

Further, he said that the open-source approach has assisted them in modernizing infrastructure and network experience, encouraging the people, and making quicker business decision-making.

IBM will make a new public company

Last week, IBM announced that it will make a separate new public company from its managed infrastructure services unit of its global technology services division.

The new company yet to establish and has not to be named. However, the company codenamed as “NewCo”


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