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Rick James

What Is Rick James Net Worth?

Rick James Net Worth: Rick James was a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer from the United States. Rick James Net Worth of $250,000 at the time of his death. Rick would have reaped a huge financial bonanza if he had lived another decade or two, thanks to the emergence of streaming services and, eventually, music catalogue sales, which we’ll go into in a minute.


Early Life Of Rick James

Rick James was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. At the time of his death, Rick James had a net worth of $250,000. Rick would have made a fortune if he had lived another decade or two, thanks to the rise of streaming services and, eventually, music catalogue sales, which we’ll discuss in a moment.


Rick James rose to prominence in the 1970s as a recording artist for Motown Records.

Rick James


In 1978, he released his first solo album, “Come Get It!” “Street Songs,” his 1980 album, spent 78 weeks on the US R&B Chart, including 20 weeks at #1. The hallmark tracks “Mary Jane” and “Super Freak” would make this album James’ biggest hit. He never reached the same heights as he did during this time, but he remained a well-respected musician and solo artist until a stroke in 1998 rendered him nearly reclusive. MC Hammer’s enormous 1990 smash “U Can’t Touch This” heavily sampled “Super Freak.” They won a Grammy for Best R&B Song for the song, but only after James sued to get credit for it. James’s Grammy win was his only one. Rick James died on August 6, 2004, after a brief comeback in fame thanks to his involvement in a popular Chappelle’s Show sketch.

Sale Of Catalog

Rick’s heirs may have been disappointed by the value of their father’s estate when he died, but he did leave them one highly important asset: the rights to his songs. Rick’s music is still being streamed millions of times per year and sampled by popular musicians decades after his death. The most well-known sample came from MC Hammer‘s song “U Can’t Touch This.” Because Hammer’s song was not initially released as a single, listeners had to purchase the entire album to hear “U Can’t Touch This.” Hammer’s record went on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide as a result.

Rick’s heirs sold a 50% ownership in their father’s publishing portfolio to Hipgnosis Songs Fund for an unknown sum in November 2020. Rick’s recorded music masters, writer’s share, neighbouring rights, and the rights to 97 songs were all included in the deal. Catalog sales from the same time period fetched much over $100 million. Rick’s catalogue sale was most likely valued in the $100 million bracket.

Early Life Of RickĀ 

James Ambrose Johnson Jr. was given the name James Ambrose Johnson when he was born on February 1, 1948 in Buffalo, New York. His father, James, worked as an autoworker, while his mother, Mabel, was a dancer before becoming a numbers runner. The father left when James was just ten years old, leaving the couple with eight children in total. Because of his mother’s employment, James was exposed to music and the arts as a child, and he began playing music at a young age. James attended Bennett High School and Orchard Park High School before dropping out. He was introduced to narcotics in middle school and busted for burglary as a young adolescent, so he grappled with a variety of vices from an early age. After spending time in and out of jail, James enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 15, lying about his age to escape being conscripted. He played in local jazz ensembles in New York City during this time.

He was ordered to Vietnam after missing his obligatory Navy Reserves training. In 1964, James fled to Toronto.

Rick’s Career

Following his move to Toronto, James met Levon Helm, a member of Ronnie Hawkins’ backup band. The two became friends, and James was able to get involved in the Toronto music scene as a result of their friendship. In order to evade detection by US military officials, he went under the name Ricky James Matthews at the time. James established the Mynah Birds, a soul and rock band, and recorded with Columbia Records’ Canadian division for a short time. The band went to Detroit to record with Motown Records, where James met Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, two of his musical heroes. Wonder was the one who suggested that James shorten his name to Rick James.

When Motown learned of James’ fugitive status with the Navy in 1966, they announced that they would not release any more of his recordings until he resolved his legal issues. He eventually confessed to the FBI and was sentenced to five months of hard labour at the Portsmouth Naval Prison. Following his release, he began writing and producing music for artists such as The Spinners and The Miracles at Motown. He moved to Los Angeles, where he continued to work with and meet a number of well-known musicians, including Stephen Stills, Jim Morrison, and Salt’N’Pepper.

“Come Get It!” was James’ debut solo album, published by Motown Records in 1978. The record catapulted James to fame. He swiftly followed up with a second and third album, as well as the announcement of his first headline tour. Following the tour’s success, he released a fourth and fifth album, “Street Songs,” which went on to become his best-selling record. “Super Freak” and “Give It to Me Baby” were two of the album’s biggest singles. Other acts that James worked with as producers were The Temptations, the Doo-Rags, and the Mary Jane Girls. He also created music for Eddie Murphy and participated in an episode of “The A-Team.”

When James was dealing with personal and legal issues in the 1990s, he saw a decline in his career. For much of the decade, his star waned, but after an appearance on “Chappelle’s Show” in 2004, he resurfaced in the public eye. This boosted his career, and he resumed performing, culminating in a performance at the BET Awards in June 2004.

Personal Life Of Rick

Throughout his life, James had a number of serious relationships. Tyenza and Rick Jr. were his children with singer/songwriter Syville Morgan. From 1982 until 1984, he dated actress Linda Blair. The pair became pregnant, but Blair chose to have an abortion, which James detailed in his memoir. Tanya Hijazi was 17 years old when James met her in 1989. They began dating in 1990 and had a child together in 1993, Tazman. In 1996, they married and divorced in 2002. Teena Marie, with whom James had began partnering in 1979, had likewise maintained a close professional and sometimes romantic relationship with James.

Eddie and Charlie Murphy were two of James’ many prominent buddies. Debbie Allen, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye were among his buddies. Many of James’s pals were concerned about his reputation for drinking and leading a wild life. His drug usage began when he was in his teens and persisted until maturity. His drug addiction resulted in health issues as well as legal issues. James and his then-girlfriend Tanya were imprisoned in 1991 for kidnapping Frances Alley and abusing her for six days. He was also charged with kidnapping and abusing Mary Sauger for 20 hours. Despite the fact that the allegation of torture was eventually dismissed, James was nonetheless found guilty of the two kidnapping offences and sentenced to five years in jail, of which he served two.

Rick James
Rick James Net Worth

At the age of 56, James was discovered dead in his Los Angeles home by his caretaker on August 6, 2004. While drugs were discovered in his system, the autopsy revealed that none of them were at levels high enough to be life-threatening. He died of pulmonary heart failure as a result of complications from several of his pre-existing ailments, according to reports. Before James was buried in Buffalo, New York, a public viewing was held for fans, followed by a private service in Hollywood. “The Confessions of Rick James: Memoirs of a Super Freak,” James’ memoir, was published in 2007.

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