30 kgs of explosives recovered after ISIS operative arrested: Delhi Police

The Delhi Police has so far recovered around 30 kgs of explosives from the alleged ISIS operative arrested in Delhi, officials said on Sunday.


What Happened?

Delhi police arrested an alleged ISIS operative armed with two pressure cooker IEDs, in the national capital on Saturday and found around 30 kgs of explosive after his arrest.


Around 15 kgs of the explosive material were found during the time of Mohammad Mustakim Khan’s arrest while another 15 kgs of the explosive material were recovered from his home in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur during a search. Altogether, around 30 kgs of explosive material have been recovered by the police so far.

After khan’s arrest, a Delhi Police Special Cell team took him to his house in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur district where a proper search was done.

According to a police officer, one brown jacket and one blue jacket containing three and four explosive packets respectively were recovered.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) P S Kushwah further said the explosive packets which were found in the jackets were wrapped with transparent tape which contained explosives and cardboard sheet pasted with ball bearings along with electric wires coming out from it.

Along with the explosive material the police also found an ISIS flag during the raid at Khan’s house in UP.

30 kgs of explosives

Not only at Khan’s house but police conducted raids at several linked places on Sunday including a bicycle shop. Two bicycle shop owners were questioned in UP in connection with the recovered ball bearings found with the explosives.

During the investigation, Mohammad Mustakim Khan claimed that he was operating ISIS alone no other is involved with him, but it is a matter of investigation, the officer said.

What did Mohammad Mustakim Khan’s family say?

Mohammad Mustakim Khan’s father Kafeel Ahmed and wife Ayesha were also questioned during the investigation.

His wife Ayesha told a TV channel that she had warned Khan not to indulge in “wrong activities” but he did not listen to her. While Ahmed claimed he had never gone into Khan’s room and he never imagined that his son would indulge in terrorism.

Ahmed further added that Khan was a good and polite person and if he had any idea about his wrongdoings than he would not have allowed him to stay in his house. He said he knew what was there in the room only when the police arrived.

Moreover, Khan is the father of four children – two sons and two daughters.


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