A Baby Boy delivered prematurely mid-air on an Indigo flight

A baby was delivered prematurely on flight 6E 122. The baby boy was delivered prematurely and it was confirmed by the airlines that both baby and mother are healthy.


On Wednesday at around 7:40 pm, a woman delivered a baby mid-air. She was travelling on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bengaluru.


Here is an official statement from indiGo airlines:

“We just got information that a baby boy was born in our flight en route 6E 122 Delhi – BLR. Flight landing at 19:40. All operations normal. Mother and child are healthy. Congratulations to all. Kudos to your training Team First Aid,” 

A warm welcome at the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru:

The airline crew welcomed the mother and the baby warmly when they landed at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru.  According to the sources, the mother was allowed to fly by the airlines because she was not yet 32 weeks into her pregnancy. She was helped by a senior gynaecologist who was on the flight. Many passengers tweeted about the calm and helpful behaviour of the crew throughout the entire delivery.

baby delivered on flight
baby delivered on flight

One of the photographs shows a mother being taken to the ambulance in a wheelchair. And the crew were holding a poster that read Welcome to namma Bengaluru. They Were seen applauding. Also, in other photographs, the baby boy was held by many members of the crew. Baby being wrapped in a blanket was held by the pilot as well as the doctor. 

Will there be lifetime free tickets for the baby on IndiGo flight?

Well, this is what social media users are speculating. In the last, there have been two instances wherein the lifetime tickets were given to the baby who was delivered onboard. In 2017, a baby was born mid-air in-flight between Saudi Arabia and India. And the baby was given free tickets for life by Jet Airways.


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