A cable failure put a massive hole in one of the planets largest telescopes

The radio telescope at Arecibo Observations, which is planets one of the largest telescopes, was snapped by a metal platform support cable, tearing out huge sections of the telescope into pieces but now it is out of commission.


At Puerto Rico, the telescope is located. The University of Central Florida along with a couple of other groups manages the telescope.


On 10th August 2020( Monday), overnight the incident took place. More than 8 panels were damaged in the Gregorian Dome twisted the platform used to access the dome, as reported by the UCF.

The images of the damage caused to give a clear depiction of the seriousness of the incident.
A big section is still missing from the huge radio telescope.

After the incident, a lot of damaged metal pieces and various other pieces of other parts were scattered around. All of this will consume time, effort, and investment to recover.

It is still not discovered how the cable broke, but the incident has caused extensive damage. Finding the reason for the destruction is as important as repairing the damage.
There is a team allotted to assess the situation.

 largest telescopes

The main objective of the team is to ensure the safety of the staff, protect all the equipment’s and facilities, and restore the facility to full operation as soon as possible so that it can continue its work to assist the scientists all around the world, Francisco Cordova, the director of the Observatory asserted in a statement.

The University of Central Florida posted a blog informing that the telescope has endured a lot over the five decades, it’s been in operation.

Radio telescopes do not capture images of the cosmos but they detect radio waves. The optical telescopes do capture the pictures.


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