A Woman was Forced to Give Birth to A Baby Alone in Jail Cell- Received $4,80,000

Woman Forced to Give Birth in Jail: A horrifying incident that happened in August 2018 will leave you in distress. Diana Sanchez, a prisoner at Denver Country jail was Woman was Forced to Give Birth to a baby boy named Jordan in August 2018.
Diana Sanchez was terrified as her water broke and asked the medical team at the jail to help her deliver her baby. At the age of 26, Diana who was pregnant was left alone to die. It’s unbelievable that nobody stood up for her.
She delivered the baby alone and bravo to her strength. It’s shameful that nobody even bothered to call an ambulance even after the delivery. The incident was shocking and inhumane. It sheds light on how prisoners are treated at prison, they are not reformed they are left to die.


 Woman was Forced to Give Birth

Videos of her delivery went Viral. People were stunned by the brutality of the people at the jail. The video shows Diana screaming because of pain and asking for help. The internet was filled with her videos.
Diana has put a step forward and was in conversation with the Fox31 Problem solver team. She told them everything she has gone through and how nobody came forward to help her even during her critical time.

She has even filed a case against the local authorities and she was successful. She was adamant to get justice for herself and her little baby boy.
The Marquee item took place on 17 August Denver City council proposed by Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca was proved futile but one agenda was served out of it- a resolution authorizing the city to pay $160,000 and $320,000 in addition to it to settle the liability claims that Diana made.

Finally, a lump sum amount of $480,000 has been given to Diana and her son Jordan by regular payment from Dever Health authorities.
Of course, her fight has not ended yet. The tears she wept during her delivery won’t be forgotten. She might have been given the amount but still, people who were there at the jail and still were just watching instead of helping are the ones at fault too and hope they get punished for it.


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