Any serious situation along LAC will impact India-China bilateral ties: Rajnath Singh

Monsoon session of parliament was commenced on September 14. On Tuesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh alerted that any serous mishap on Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh would seriously impact the bilateral ties and relations between India and China.


The situation on LAC is critical since May

The situation on LAC has been worse from may since China’s People’ Liberation Army (PLA) made attempts to disorient the India Army with an unexpected faceoff. However, their attempts were foiled by the Indian Army.


Rajnath Singh said in the Lok Sabha that in the recent meeting of with his Chinese counterpart in Moscow this month, he clearly conveyed that the Indian Army has always approached and dealt with border management with responsibility and maturity but at the same time Indian Army is committed and determined to protect India’s sovereignity and territorial integrity.

China and India agreed to mutual cooperation over LAC

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh further added that Chinese troops have been increasing their presence on LAC since April and creating difficulties in the Indian Force’s patrolling. The violent clash in Galwan valley on June 15  between the troops of both the countries left heavy casualties on both sides. 20 soldiers of the Indian Force sacrificed their lives in this violent clash while the Indian Army inflicted heavy damage on PLA. However, the official information on the side of the Chinese has not been public yet.

In the recent meeting held in Moscow between the External Affairs Ministers and Defence Ministers of both the countries, India and China have decided to resolve the border issue as the countries admitted that the situation on LAC is of no good and will further intensify the tension among both countries. According to the agreement that was passed the troops of both the countries had to disengage form border and try not to create a situation which could affect the bilateral ties.


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