As the Presidential campaign enters it’s last Stage, Trump faces new character tests

Donald trump

Donald Trump faces new character tests: This summer, the killing of black men George Floyd and Jacob Blake who was shot 7 times in the back by the police has outraged the whole black community. Not only black people but people of every community took over the streets protesting racial injustice against Black Americans.


Trump faces outrage of the black community

Amidst all the heat and outrage the American President Donald Trump has made it clear that in his view the real problem is the biased nature of the country towards white Americans.


Election campaign  to be based out of character

With the black community against him, Trump is trying really hard to gain the confidence of White Americans. As the election is near, the war between the republicans and  Democrats has been set off. The main issue of this election will be centralized on the character.

Apart from the character the life-altering global pandemic, economic calamity and the national outrage are some tests for the Trump Government to prove its worth and to gain America’s trust for the upcoming election. But as anticipated it would not be easy for Trump to tackle these issues while being opposed by a very strong competitor, Democratic nominee Former Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden raises the issue of immoral conduct of present President

Joe Biden has made the subject of character the main central argument for his campaign. According to the Democratic Nominee, Trump lacks the moral authority to lead the country. Whether Trump cares enough of the degrading healthcare situation, the economy which is hitting the new low, and the racism which is uncovering in my state, these will be the questions that had to be answered by Trump before the elections.



In the view of Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris — the first Black and South Asian American woman running for Vice presidency Trump’s unbinding racist, moral-less and careless character will be the reason for the downfall of Trump’s presidency.

The elections which will be in November will be the most crucial stage of America’s well being. The whole world will be waiting for the results looking forward to what will be possible for America’s future.

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