Bangalore violence: It was public’s fault, not of the police, says eyewitness of the attack on DJ Halli police station

It was the public’s fault and not that of the police, said Sharif, an eyewitness of the Bangalore violence on DJ Halli police station on Wednesday.


What Happened?

In Bangalore, three people died after policemen opened fire on crowds who gathered to protest against an allegedly unholy Facebook post.


Crowds gathered outside the house of the local politician Srinivas Murthy whose nephew, Naveen, who was accused of posting an “offensive” post about the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook.

The “offensive” Facebook post as claimed by Muslims, ignited a feeling of protest in southern India’s Bengaluru city and on Tuesday night the protest got converted into a violent clash.

The crowd attacked policemen with stones who arrived on the scene. They also torched vehicles.

Sharif stated that a part of the crowd surrounded the police forces and attacked them from all the sides, forcing them to open fire.

Sharif said: “We are from Civil Defence and had come to protect the police. People were pelting stones (at the police station), it was the public’s fault, there is no fault of the police. I am from DJ Halli, this (police station) is like my temple, my masjid.”

What Bangalore Police Said about Bangalore violence?

Bangalore police have arrested Naveen who allegedly made a derogatory post on Facebook. The police have also arrested 110 people who were a part of the crowd.

Kamal Pant the city commissioner informed that: “at least 60 policemen including some senior officers were injured in the violent clash that happened on Tuesday night.”

Moreover, in two police districts of Bangalore, a curfew was also imposed, he further informed.

Hours following after the violent clash, the city police tweeted that the situation was “under control.” The tweet further added that “the personnel had fired live ammunition in order to disperse the crowd only after using tear gas and batons first.”

The home minister of Karnataka state confirmed the deaths that took place during the clash.

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