Barack Obama hits campaign trail, slams US President Donald Trump

Barack Obama campaign

With less than two weeks left for closing of voting for Presidential elections which are set for date November 3, to support his former mate, Former Vice President and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden, ex US President Barack Obama hit the presidential elections in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday to show his support for Joe Biden and his running mate Kamal Harris.


Obama slammed Trump of not being able to handle global pandemic and mismanagement of Trump administration


Former US President Barack Obama slammed current US President and Republican nominee Donald Trump for being inconsiderate and avoiding the responsibility as a President during the global pandemic of Covid-19. He launched an attack for mismanagement of Trump’s administration in controlling the spread of virus in America, his secret bank account in China, his irresponsible tweeting and his habit of making things up.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is still well known for his excellent oratory skills in public, and America still praise him for his works done for the country in two consecutive Presidential terms. Joe Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama for his two Presidential terms. Last time also Obama actively campaigned for then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but it didn’t do any good, as Trump won the Presidential elections with flying colors.

Biden is currently leading the national polls with trump not so far behind

Biden’s numbers are high in recent national polls, but Trump is rapidly narrowing down the lead after he resumed his Presidential campaign after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Obama targeted the work done during the pandemic situations, with cases raging more than before everyday in US. Obama attacked Trump for not being able to protect America form this pandemic and also added that Trump didn’t even took the basic steps to protect himself and was found positive himself.

US is the worst hit country all over the world with maximum number of infected cases and not so good recovery rate.


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