Bengaluru beats Mumbai in terms of COVID 19 cases

Bengaluru has officially taken over Mumbai in terms of COVID 19 cases. Now, Bengaluru is the second-worst affected Metro city hit by the Coronavirus. As per the BBMP war room data, Bengaluru with 1,67,183 is now a little ahead of Mumbai with a total of 1,65,306 Coronavirus cases.


COVID 19 statistics

Bengaluru is the second most affected city whereas Delhi is the topmost affected City with 2, 14,069 cases. Chennai is in fourth position with 1, 47,591 cases. Among the Non-Metros cities, Pune is ahead of Bengaluru with a total of 2.1 lakhs COVID 19 cases.


However, the total deaths in Bengaluru are far fewer than in Mumbai. Mumbai has a total fatality of 8,067 whereas Bengaluru city has reported 2,392 deaths Chennai has a total of 2,956 deaths.

If we talk about recoveries, Delhi has reported 1.81 lakhs people recovered from the infection whereas in Bengaluru total 1.23 lakh people, for Mumbai 1.29 lakh people, and in Chennai 1.33 lakh people get recovered from the Coronavirus. The recovery rate is surprisingly high, i.e, 74.09 percent.


Recently on September 3, Bengaluru took over the Chennai in terms of COVID 19 cases, and on July 3, it took over Kolkata state. The experts are saying that the constant rise in COVID 19 cases in the city while all other states are witnessing a fall in no of cases is due to the Bengaluru city is turning out to be a COVID hotspot.

What experts say about rising in cases in the state?

Dr. Ravindra Mehta, Senior Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist Apollo Hospitals Jayanagar said, ” Despite statistics, the conditions may be still worsened in Mumbai as the hospitals are full there. One of the reasons why Bengaluru is badly hit by the Coronavirus is because we opened up a lot of sectors before Mumbai. We had a number of festivals and opening up of the sectors before that has played a significant role in the rise.”

Dr. Jagadish Hiremath (CEO-Ace Suhas Hospital) said that for any program to be successful, all team members should contribute equally. He added further that many people in Karnataka and mainly in Bengaluru, people are not contributing to the fight against Coronavirus and not following the safety measures.

Currently, many people who are traveling back to the state are not following the 14-day quarantine which is also said to be the cause of the increase in the number of cases.


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