Bengaluru: Heavy Fine for Cycles on Stands attached to Cars

Bengaluru Heavy Fine

Bengaluru: All of us know that Cycling is good for health, but if you carry your cycle on a stand attached to your car, you can face heavy fines. Yes, you heard it right!! According to the police, you can be charged a fine of up to Rs 5000 until you have RTO permission for carrying a cycle on a stand attached to the car. And of course, cyclists are not happy about this decision.


A Resident fined by policemen

On Sunday, Prashant SukumĀ­aran who is a resident of Electronics City, and his eight years old son, Dhanush, were stopped and fined by policemen at Hebbal down the ramp, when they were returning from a cycling drive.


Prashant said, “When I asked the policemen about the rule book, they said carrying one cycle was permitted but we were carrying two cycles.”

His son, Dhanush has won several cycling events. Both the father and son go to Avati hills or Avalahalli for cycling practice as there is no cycling track nearby yet. They have no option other than carrying two cycles on the racks attached to the car.

Bengaluru ‘s Bicycle mayor comments

Sathya Sankaran, Bengaluru’s bicycle Mayor said, “It is only now I am hearing of people being fined for carrying cycles on racks attached to cars. We have been carrying cycles on racks for so many years but we were never fined.”

He further added that section 52(1) of the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988 does not indicate temporary or permanent attachment. In the letter, you can apply it but in spirit, the attachment is not the substitution.

BMTC buses are exceptions

Sankaran said that in the case of BMTC, it was only a trial phase in which they had attached racks on the buses. Also, The BMTC will apply for an exemption as it would be a permanent feature on the BMTC selected buses. But, if any car owner is making a permanent attachment, he could invite the trouble because cycle racks on the cars are not permanent features instead of only a temporary attachment.


Debate on social media

When this matter turned into a debate on social media, various personalities come into the defense.

ADGP (Internal Security) Bhaskar Rao who is also an eager cyclist clarified in a tweet that Let it be clear, carrying cycles in your car doesn’t cost you any penalty. It is for the only rear and top overhang. Projection on either side is an offense as it is sideways overhanging and will pose danger to other road users.

Adding to that, Bengaluru City police also tweeted that Cycle racks are acceptable only when you use standard racks and from it, all the public there should not be harmed.


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