Bengaluru: Police collect Rs 4.5 crores fine in kust 2 weeks as more vehicles are on City Roads during pandemic

4.5 crores fine

Traffic violation in Bengaluru is rising as the COVID 19 restrictions are being removed in phases. During the time period of September 13 to 26, the Bengaluru City Traffic Police (BTP) has collected approximately Rs 4.5 crores as fine from the violators.


Traffic police in action

An official of the Traffic Management Centre in Bengaluru said that the increase in the violations is due to strict measures in the place, i.e, surveillance cameras are placed at the key points of the city and fewer vehicles on the roads.


Further, the officer said, Now, Challans are sent remotely to the offenders for the payment of the fine with adequate and appropriate details of their respective violation. Our teams are closely watching the key points to catch any traffic violators around the clock as well.

He added, The number of road users who drive carelessly is high these days. Many people think that there are not many vehicles on the roads and hence make them carefree of the traffic rules and signals.

Traffic violations data for the last two weeks

Approximately 55,717 traffic violations were reported between September 20 to 26. And among these over 53 Percent were those who were not wearing a helmet. The Trend of violating rules remained the same from September 13 to 19 as 48,141 violations were reported. Among which 26,950 were those who failed to wear a helmet.

 Bengaluru Police
Bengaluru Traffic police

Overall, The BTP has collected over Rs 2.2 crores alone from the people who failed to wear protective headgear while riding on the two-wheelers in the city in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, jumping traffic signals remains to be a major issue in the city. As estimated, 10,771 instances of jumping signals were reported by the traffic police in the last two weeks.

Other violations noted by the traffic police

Apart from it, other violations noted by the officers are violating ‘No entry’ rules, parking at undesignated areas, not wearing a seat belt, and using mobile phones while driving. Meantime, the police repeated that careless driving and performing stunts on the road will not be tolerated at any cost.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said, addressing the concerns raised by citizens on the traffic violation, “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards driving. 148 cases have been reported and the bike seized. Riders, bike-owners, and garages modifying silencers have been arrested. Cases are maintained seriously in the courts.” He replied to a man on Twitter who was raising concern during online interaction.


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