Bengaluru police on mission, bust drugs racket and seized 1,350 kg of marijuana

Bengaluru police

On Thursday, Bengaluru police arrested four drug peddlers and busted 1350 kg of Marijuana from a farmhouse in Kalaburagi district, North Karnataka.


The police officials gave information, the drugs were packed in a plastic bag and buried underground in the farmhouse. It was because of an auto-rickshaw driver, the racket of drugs came to the light.


How did the police get to know about drugs?

The auto-rickshaw driver was allegedly selling drugs to college students in the Seshadripuram area in the city.

The police busted the driver and investigated further. From further investigation, it was revealed that a large amount of cannabis was stored underground in a goat farm which was located in the Kalaburagi district.

The Seshadripuram police arrested four accused namely Jnanashekhar (age 37), Siddunatha Lavate (age 22), Chandrakant (age 34), and Naganath (age 39).

On August 30, the auto-rickshaw driver, Jnanashekhar was arrested by the police and informed them that he received Siddunatha Lavate. Then police arrested the Siddunatha Lavate in Madanayakanahalli, where police also seized 200 grams of marijuana from him.

From the further inquires, Lavate told the police, he got the marijuana from Kalaburagi district. On the basis of this information, police arrested Naganath and Chandrakanth.

After investigating them, the police reached to Lattu Nayak Tanda, in Kalaburagi district, where the goat farm is located. The owner of this farm was Chandrakanth.


Bengaluru Police finally revealed all the information.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Anuchet said, “After we enquired Chandrakant, he let to us a spot located on his farm. There we dug out the mud and found a wooden trapdoor. When it is opened, we found a large underground storage room, where 1350 kg of marijuana was kept in large boxes.”

The police official further informed that Chandrakant has bought cannabis from where it is grown, i.e, in Odisha. He brought it here from Telangana in a vegetable truck and hide it underground in his own farmhouse.

All the four accused have been charged under relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985, Seshadripuram police said.

Also on Thursday, Bengaluru police commissioner, Kamal Pant gave Rs, 2 lakhs as a reward to the police officials who busted the drug racket and investigated the case

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