Bengaluru: The rise and fall of Covid Care Centre (CCC)

Covid Care Centre

Karnataka’s largest COVID Care Centre (CCC) at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) is going to shut down only after 50 days of its opening. It was initially planned at the excessive cost of Rs. 24 crores with 10,000 beds. After the scam was exposed that the officials quoted the excessive cost then Chief Minister Yediyurappa pulled out the officials.


Cost of setting up the CCC

According to the new plan, BBMP would spend only Rs 4.23 crore a month, other than the initial expenditure of Rs. 7.32 crores to set up CCC, conflicting the initial plan of expending Rs. 24 crores. And hence, saving the government approximately Rs. 19 crores.


Initially, the BBMP decided to rent some essentials required for 10,000 beds at the rate of Rs 800 per day. However, when it was pointed out that it is an overblown cost, The BBMP official realized and negotiated the figure and agreed to purchase 6 items per bed at the cost of Rs 7,500 per set (mattress, cot, fab, mug, dustbin, etc). Thus, making the total amount to Rs 4.87 crores for only 6.500 beds.

It was also decided to purchase vinyl flooring for about Rs 2.45 crores to cover approximately an area of 7.9 lakh sq.ft.


CCC – shut down!!

Now, The BBMP official stated that they are closing the center, which cost the government about Rs.  11.55 crores, because the patients prefer to isolate at the home rather than coming to the COVID Care Centre. Although, the real reason for worry is that the Bengaluru had 1500 cases per day when the center opened on July 27. Now, Bengaluru has cases between 3,000 to 3,500 per day.

The decision to shut the center when the daily cases are increasing steadily is a cause of worry. Another worry is how to dispose of thousands of mattresses, cots, fans, buckets, and mugs. Around 6,500 cots and mattresses were purchased at an estimated cost of Rs 4.23 crore.

On Monday, BIEC, Karnataka’s largest COVID Care Centre was shut down.

Distribution of essential things to various hostels

BBMP which spent crores to set up the CCC and purchase many essential things like mattresses, steel cots, pedestal fans, dustbins, buckets, mugs, and water dispensers, and much more, decided to distribute all these things to various hostels and hospitals.

According to the BBMP officials, 1000 items each will be sent to horticulture University, GKVK, and the minority welfare department whereas over 25,000 items will be sent to the social welfare department.

However, many students of these hostels have said that they don’t want to use things that are used by COVID 19 patients.

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