Biden takes a jibe at Facebook: ‘Misinformation’ is killing people

The 2020 US Presidential Elections took place at a very crucial time in history when Joe Biden was elected as the next president. The world was undergoing a serious pandemic. The spread was something which the modern society had not witnessed in their lifetime. Social media also played an important role in spreading information to the people about the virus itself. But, lately it has come under a lot of fire.


President Joe Biden has seriously criticised the role of Facebook and other social media, which they have played in the realm of spreading misinformation about the same. He has said that this has in turn caused a large amount of death in the societies. He has claimed that this is happening because misinformation about the vaccines is being spread around the country.


Joe Biden: Misinformation is killing people

This news is gradually getting to a lot of people about the statements made by the US President. He said this during a White House reported asked him a question. He replied on the role of social media and said “They’re killing people”.

In response, facebook has sought to reply to the accusations levelled by him. They have said that the claims of Mr. Biden are not supported by facts.

Earlier in the day, the Press Secretary of the White House had also commented on the role of Facebook when it comes to spreading misinformation. She had said that the giant was not doing enough to curb the spread of such misinformation.

Facebook has replied by saying that a large number of people get vital information related to the vaccine on the platform. It has also help in the spread of vital information relating to the virus itself and has implored people to take precautionary measures.

Whatever be the case, people should not rely on misinformation and double check the facts.

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