BJP ranks first in political ad spend on Facebook India

Facebook India: As per the data available on Facebook’s spending tracker, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was the largest advertiser on Facebook in India over the last 18 months followed by Congress party.


BJP mainly advertises society related issues, elections, and politics and since February 2019, BJP spent around Rs. 4.61 crores. While the main opposition party, Congress, spent nearly Rs. 1.84 crores on advertising on Facebook.


According to the tracker, among another top 10 advertisers falling in the same category four of the advertisers are linked to the BJP and three of them have the same address in Delhi as the BJP’s headquarters. These four advertisers include:

  1. My First Vote for Modi a community page created in January 2019 stands with Rs. 1.39 crores spending.
  2. Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat is another community page created in January 2019 stands with Rs. 2.24 crores spending.
  3. Nation With Namo is a news and media website created in June 2013 stands with Rs. 1.28 crores spending.
  4. The fourth advertiser is a page affiliated to R K Sinha, BJP leader, and former MP, with Rs. 0.65 crores spending.

However, ‘My First Vote for Modi’, ‘Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat’, and ‘Nation With Namo’ post and promote content related to BJP and PM Modi but they do not cite and direct link with the party’s page.


The total amount spent by BJP in advertising on Facebook stood at Rs. 10.17 crores which accounts for 64 percent of the total advertising by other top 10 advertisers in the same category.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also falls among the top 10 advertisers on Facebook with a spend of Rs. 69 lakhs.

As per the data shared in the public domain, Facebook in India spent Rs. 59.65 crores since February 2019 in advertising under said category. These ads on social issues, elections, and politics were not only restricted to Facebook only but it was spread on other platforms linked with Facebook like Audience Network, Instagram, and Messenger.

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