Brie Larson asks her haters not to comment and silences them

Brie Larson is one among those celebrities who amid the Covid-19 pandemic have started their very own YouTube channel to continue interacting with their fans and promote their social activism.


However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star faced a considerable amount of backslash ever since she posted her first video on the channel. Brie has posted four videos and has received a lot of hate on all four of her videos with an enormous amount of hate and criticizing comments such as one user said: “Literally nothing of substance, this comes across like Tom Cruise rambling about Scientology”. Another YouTuber said: “Okay this was a snooze fest– nothing it value was said no point we’re made there must talking in circles” and many more that by now the Captain Marvel actress has had her time that now she has the most savage response to those trolls!


Well, YouTube hasn’t been much welcoming for the stars since the first video got 131 dislikes, over 21k dislikes on the one posted after while the third video had a reduced number of views and had 9.2k dislikes and the fourth video earned 5.4k dislikes.

The recent video posted by the MCU star was about her first quarantine work out with Jason Walsh wherein she backfired the YouTube trollers by saying,

               ” Please like the video, if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, keep your comments to yourself.”

Larson is obviously not the only celebrity to receive such amount of hate online, the fact that she handles it pretty well is appreciable and how she clapped back at the haters in her latest video is the best example. With her statement, Brie Larson profoundly makes the audience know that dozens of comments landing in her comment section don’t seem to bother her and she will continue posting content irrespective of what people have to say about it as well as openly asks for suggestions from the viewers regarding the content they wish to see. Well, with that, you go girl!

As for her movie projects, there’s a long time when we’ll get to see her on the big screen. As reported, she has been signed for the in-development project, Captain Marvel 2 that is scheduled to hit the screens by 2022. Till then, she will continue posting content on her YouTube channel whether you like it or not.

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