Bruce Williamson former Temptations lead singer died from coronavirus

The former lead singer of ‘The Temptations’, Bruce Williamson died on September 6, 2020. He died on a Sunday evening battling with Coronavirus. Bruce was 49 years old at the time of his death.


The American R&B singer died at Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas. He was diagnosed with Coronavirus in late August. The singer had his gall bladder removed just weeks ago he was considered COVID-19 positive.


The singer’s son, Bruce Alan Williamson Jr., expressed his emotions in a Facebook post on Monday. He wrote, “There’s no words in the world that can express how I feel right now.” He added, “I love you Daddy thank you for being awesome thank you for being loving thank you for being Who You Are. … We will meet again. I love you Daddy R.I.H KING WILLIAMSON.”

Later on Monday, Bruce’s son shared a live video where he sang gospel songs and remembered his father. He captioned the video, “Hurt is not the word for it.” He said that his dad was a “great dude”.

The Temptations

One of the former partners of Bruce in ‘The Temptations’, Otis Williams, mourned his death and considered him their “brother”. He said, “Once you are a Temptation, you are always a Temptation.”


Bruce Williamson was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. He started singing in church at a youthful age.  He and his family moved to Las Vegas and carried on his talent. There he performed in the EFX show at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and became a featured lead singer in the Motown Café Moments.

Williamson, in an interview, stated that the lead singer ‘Otis Williams’ was at first against him being the part of the group, because he thought that Bruce was too young and too big.

The singer left the ‘The Temptation’ group in 2015 after being a member for 10 years.

At the time of his death, Williamson was working on R&B and gospel albums.


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