China celebrates victory as world continues to suffer from pandemic

China is celebrating its victory of successfully suppressing the virus which first originated on its soil, while the infected cases all around the world is nearing 30 million marks.


The Communist party honored the citizens with medals for their extraordinary work

In a dignifying ceremony which was held in the Great Hall of People in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping honored the citizens with medals who have done a tremendous job in China’s fight against the virus. The coronavirus which had turned the world and its health care in chaos originated in Wuhan lab in December. Due to this virus, the world is now suffering from a pandemic.


Reportedly there is not a single case of the infection in the last 22 days in China. And now the undivided attention of president Jinping and the Chinese Government is on renewing the economy and making it self-sustaining.

The outbreak was traced back to Wuhan, now the whole world is suffering

The virus outbreak and inability of containing of the spreading infections threatened the legitimacy of the Communist Party. After the outbreak in December, until late January China did not acknowledge the outbreak and censored the warnings of the man to man transmission of the virus and the infection risk that has now turned into the global pandemic.


The Chinese President Jinping hailed the success of a one-party rule against the democratic outreach of mandatory wearing of masks and extended lockdowns. The participants that shared the stage with the President didn’t wear a mask and also shook hands with the President. According to the Chinese President, this pandemic has justified the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

The issue of global pandemic turned into politics

The pandemic has eroded the chances of American President Donald Trump at re winning in the elections which will be in November. At first, Trump applauded the efforts shown by Jinping but as the condition turned into a pandemic and now accusing him of causing the outbreak to hurt Trump politically.

And now the two world’s leading economies are facing each other head to head, as Trump Government in curbing down all the ties between the two countries.


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