China deployed 60,000 soldiers at LAC and India needs US in this fight: Mike Pompeo

China 60000 soldiers at LAC

Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State in his three interviews after the meeting of foreign ministers from the Quad countries- India, US, Australia and Japan openly talked about the kind of threat that China possesses in India and its “Bad Behaviour” that enhanced during the global pandemic period.


Situation at LAC in Ladakh worse than ever


Mike Pompeo gave three interviews after the group meeting of Quad nations in Tokyo during which he said that China has deployed 60,000 soldiers at LAC (Line of Actual Control) for the armed combat with India. He added that India need help of United States to be India’s ally and fight from her side. On The Guy Benson Show, Mike Pompeo gave an interview saying that he had a meeting with the foreign ministers of India, Japan and Australia which are four big democracies, four powerful economies and each of them are experiencing real threat imposed by Chinese Communist Party and he added that the countries felt the threat too.

Mike Pompeo

Quad countries developing policies to counter threat from Chinese Communist Party

During the interview he added that China has now begun to use force against Indian Armed Forces up in the north and India need US as its partner and ally in this fight. He said that the quad countries are now developing policies to counter the threat as imposed by China and to show their resistance.

He said that China has deployed 60,000 soldiers on border with India and when Australians asked for the investigation of Wuhan virus how and where it began which is something that the whole world knows but he Chinese Communist Party threatened and bullied them.

India and China are in stiff stand-off since April this year in eastern Ladakh and the talks that are being going on to de-escalate the situation have not yielded any positive results.


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