Congress Leader & Spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi dies due to Heart Attack

Congress leader Rajiv Tyagi died due to Heart Attack in Ghaziabad on Wednesday. Besides leader, Tyagi was Congress general secretary and spokesperson for the party’s Uttar Pradesh unit.


Hours before his death, Rajiv Tyagi had written on Twitter that he will be attending a debate show on a news channel at 5 pm.


According to the sources, Rajiv Tyagi suffered a heart attack shortly after the debate and fell unconscious at his residence. He was then immediately taken to the Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad, where doctors tried to revive him but failed.

Soon after, the news of Rajiv’s demise came in, tweets and condensing posts for him from different political leaders and parties started pouring on social media.

Confirming his death, the Congress party Tweeted, “We are deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Shri Rajiv Tyagi. A staunch Congressman & a true patriot. Our thoughts and prayers are with his families & friends in this time of grief.”

Priyanka Gandhi the party’s general secretary and in charge of UP East unit said Rajiv’s death is like a personal loss to her and this is an “irreparable loss” for the Congress party.

Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader also mourned on Tyagi’s death and took it to Twitter and said: “The Congress lost one of its Babbar Sher (lions) today. The inspiration for Rajiv Tyagi’s love and struggle will always be remembered.  My heartfelt tribute to him and condolences to the family.”

Ashok Gehlot the Chief Minister of Rajasthan also tweeted expressed his grief and said: “Saddened to know of the untimely demise of INC national spokesperson, Sh. Rajiv Tyagi. He served the party dedicatedly. My heartfelt condolences to his family members & friends. May they remain strong in this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.”

Sambit Patra also expressed his grief at Rajiv’s death by saying that he had joined him in the TV  debate minutes earlier.

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