Containment zones in Delhi increased to 716. All you need to know

Containment zones in Delhi: The Containment zones in Delhi are now increased to 716 reasons behind this increment in containment zones is “Unlock 3”. There is an increase of 177 containment zones in Delhi since 1 August 2020. Because of this government has doubled the testing rate in the capital. The testings are now standing at 40000 per day in the whole week.


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also states in a video-conference that the testing is now doubled if anyone found positive in these testings then they will isolate that person. It is the primary objective of the government to fights against COVID-19.


Officials also stated there will be a chance of an increase in the number of patients of coronavirus with the increase of containment zones. The total cases on Wednesday in Delhi were 1693 it was the highest number of cases in one day in Delhi. It was also the highest figure recorded in 45 days.

Containment zones in Delhi

Increment in the number of Containment Zones

⦁ On 2 August the number of containment zones is fallen down to 496 but on the morning of 4 August it has increased to 499.

⦁ On 4 and 5 August, the number of contained zones decreased to 481 and then 466.

⦁ On 12 August increases to 500

⦁ On 23 August there is an increment of 100. The total figure was 600.

⦁ And on 27 August it crosses 700.

Current Containment Zones

⦁ There are about 150 active containment zones is in southwest Delhi

⦁ 92 containment zones in West Delhi

⦁ And in North Delhi 67

⦁ There are 60 containment zones in South Delhi

⦁ New Delhi has 18

And the remaining districts have less than 50 Containment zones.

As compared to the previous month the figure is too big because in June the containment zones were 280. But they started increasing in July. The number of containment zones in the capital was 696. Now the number of active corona cases in Delhi is 12,700.

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