Coronavirus vaccine update: Serum Institute, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca & much more

Coronavirus vaccine update

After the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, several vaccine and drug makers aggressively tried to develop a cure for this highly infectious virus. Months after their vigorous trial, the big pharma companies and vaccine makers will be releasing safety data from top vaccine contenders on Thursday (22nd October).


So what will be the outcome of the data release? Before anticipating any big news from the data release, we must know what all vaccines are in progress?


At present, many vaccine makers including Bharat Biotech, Sinopharm, and Russia’s Gameleya Institute are also working on their vaccines. Here is the list of major vaccines and updates related to them.

Serum Institute and nasal vaccine

Serum Institute is ready to work with Bharat Biotech on the nasal vaccine. Both the companies have joined the hands in order to conduct phase III clinical trials of their novel nasal vaccine.

The serum is working on a nasal vaccine and according to the experts, it is a safer and easier project for trial purposes as compared to the traditional type of vaccine.


Russia’s Sputnik V to be tested in India

Russia has developed another set of vaccines and is named EpiVacCorona. According to the lasted reports of by the country, the associated authorities are looking forward to conducting late-scale trials in Russia and abroad.

At the same time, some studies are saying that Sputnik V, the one under testing in India was able to spike immunity for a year. However, large-scale studies are required to give a green signal to the same.

Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine to be rolled out by the end of this year?

Oxford AstraZeneca stands among one of the most looked after vaccine for the coronavirus and it is under the trials now.

According to Dr. Suresh Jadhav, Serum Institute Chairperson, the earliest doses of the vaccine could be rolled out by December and start inoculating sections of India by March, if regulatory approvals are met on a timely basis.


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