COVID-19 vaccine: Johnson and Johnson to enroll 60,000 for Phase III trail, biggest in the world

COVID-19 vaccine: The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson is in its 3rd stage of testing the COVID-19 vaccine. They are meant to this vaccine on the 60,000 COVID-19 patients. The last stage of this vaccine is in September.



This major of the ongoing testing of the vaccine is going in the United States. There is a total of 180 centers in countries like Brazil, Mexico.

The pharmaceutical company said that its III phase of vaccine test and they will test this vaccine in some parts of the USA which have more numbers of COVID-19 infected people. It also confirms that this vaccine will be out after completing an agreement with some of its regulators.

Johnson & Johnson is using epidemiological data reports of the patients and they will give results of the vaccine based on that reports.

Johnson & Johnson is a big multinational pharmaceutical company that is widely known for its baby care products in India. Apart from baby care products In India, it has face-wash named clean & clear and Acuvue contact lenses too.

The company vaccine is also got approval by Brazil s’ health ministry named Anvisa. now the vaccine is in its full phase of trails in Brazil and they hope that this will work out for the infected peoples.

There is a competition of Johnson & Johnson because another pharmaceutical company likes Moderna Inc and Pfizer are testing their coronavirus vaccine on about 30,000 infected people. And they are also in the last stage.

Johnson & Johnson has now had a deal with Britain. The company said that Britain will buy the first stock of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to this deal, the company will provide about 30 million of these vaccine doses to Britain. The company has also declared that this deal of the vaccine is not for profit-making. It is for the lives of the human race.

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