COVID update: Unlock 4 relaxations; New Zealand’s cautionary tale; UK PM appeal

COVID update: In the unlock phase 4 starting from the next month, the government may allow institutes like IITs and IIMs to open. However, other schools and colleges will likely remain closed. Many bars that were shut since March can be allowed to sell liquor for takeaway.


Also, the World Health Organization has said as per the records that blood plasma therapy is still experimental and its preliminary tests showing that it may be effective are still indecisive. Meanwhile, a statement came from the United States of America that they are finally allowing the use of plasma therapy to treat their Coronavirus patients.


Reacting to the statement of the USA COVID update, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said that what India’s capital was done yesterday, America is doing today. Arvind Kejriwal put a point here about the development Delhi has made in treating patients through plasma technique.

COVID update

New Zealand’s Tale

Another international news is that the New Zealand government has extended the lockdown in the largest city of the nation that is Auckland. This can serve as the cautionary tale to other countries regarding Coronavirus. As the country has seen a number of new cases after over 100 days of zero local transmission.

UK Prime Minister’s Appeal

Another news is straight from the United Kingdom. On Monday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson directly appealed to the parents that it is important for the students to get back into the School after a long break due to the lockdown. As it is more damaging to the students from being kept away from studies then the deadly virus.

His appeals come as a result of different parts of the country is preparing for the end of the summer break and starting the new session. Scotland and North Ireland’s school will be open first and then England and Wales will be open from next week.

Repeating a statement, issued by the England Chief Medical officer and by different counterparts of the country, Johnson said that the damage to the students by the virus is very small as compared to the students being kept away from the school for a very long time.

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