Delhi Businessman Aman Baisla Suicide case: Accused ex-partners including Sumit Goswami, Twitter trend #justiceforamanbaisla, All Info here

If you are an active user of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter then you will notice that these days a picture of Aman Baisla and Haryanvi singer Sumit Goswami is trending on these platforms.


Aman Baisla’s picture goes viral on all meme pages

A picture of Aman Baisla and Haryanvi singer Sumit Goswami is viral on all the meme pages of Instagram and Facebook where people are demanding justice for him.




The viral pic reads: “Aman Baisla committed Suicide due to false allegations put by A girl who is a partner of Sumit Goswami (A famous Singer) he also told in his Video Sumit Goswami Threatened him to kill him!”

“Not all boys are bad! Not all girls are victims. We are sorry Aman We failed you. A fake Feminist forced you to commit suicide.”

“Go on Twitter and tweet using #justiceforamanbaisla”

The picture is in the form of a collage with one side Aman Baisla’s pic (Victim who Committed Suicide) and on the other side Haryanvi singer’s pic (Sumit Goswami – Famous Singer).

Justice for Aman Baisla was trending on number 9 on Twitter

Yesterday on 2nd October the topic #justiceforamanbaisla was trending on number 9 on Twitter with around 40,000 tweets.

2nd October is generally marked as the Birthdate of the father of the nation Mahatama Gandhi. So, Twitter was filled with hashtags like #mahatmagandhi, #gandhijyanti, #bapu, and so on. But there was one more hashtag is the trending section – #justiceforamanbaisla. It was trending among the top 10 with more than 40, 000 tweets where people were posting and demanding justice for Aman Baisla.

But why?

This picture and topic were trending on these social media platforms because Aman Baisla, committed suicide in New Delhi’s Rohini Sector-11 area after accusing a girl who is the partner of Sumit Goswami, a Haryanvi singer of grabbing money and harassing him mentally.

Before attempting suicide Aman had posted several videos in many parts explaining his situation and grief.

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