Delhi: Due to salary delay, 5000 doctors go on strike

5000 doctors on strike

Delhi: Due to salary delay, 5000 doctors go on strike. On Tuesday, from 10 am to 12 pm a group of resident doctors nearly 5000 in number observed a strike in solidarity with doctors of north MCD run Hindu Rao Hospital, Rajan Babu TB hospital and Kasturba Gandhi Hospital who have not received their salaries for the last four months.

Delhi: Due to salary delay, 5000 doctors go on strike

According to North MCD statement, salaries till November have been released to the hospitals and salaries of all its employees will be released in a phased manner as funds are being arranged.

Five doctors of Hindu Rao hospital have been on an indefinite hunger strike since 23 October. They have been protesting against the salary delay. Along with them, a few senior doctors also protested on Tuesday. They struck their work and said that until a permanent solution is found, they will continue to remain on strike. 

North MCD stated that salaries till September have been released to hospitals. However, resident doctors said that there was no confirmation about their salaries in the next few months. 

Dr KP Rewani is the joint secretary at MCDA( Municipal Corporation Doctors Association). He said that the mayor visited the hospital and assured the doctors that they will receive their salaries till September. However, MCDA wants a permanent solution to this and will not be satisfied with this. Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association India said,  “non-payment/irregular payment of salaries has been a recurring problem in North MCD hospitals…”

FORDA ( Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association India) president said that they are having a symbolic pen down strike to show solidarity with doctors who have not been paid for months. 


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